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Premium wash system from Christ Wash Systems

The newest member of the Christ Wash Systems line of wash systems

ALPHA is designed with the challenging requirements of car wash centres and petrol stations in mind. Let the modern and timeless design inspire you and your customers. The ALPHA operates with low noise emission, meaning it can be installed anywhere.

Short waiting times are a key factor for customer satisfaction, so ALPHA provides maximum throughput and high washing capacities. Thanks to its reduced energy and water consumption, the system is environmentally friendly. Our recycling systems can further support this effect. Low consumption and low maintenance costs pave the way for maximum revenue. The modular design allows you to adapt the system perfectly to the needs of your site. Let the ALPHA shine for you.

BLADE as a design feature

Dynamic. Timeless. Performance. Reduced. The new Christ DNA

With its new design DNA, Christ Wash Systems has introduced a visual feature that is instantly recognisable across its products. The blades, as we call them, are essential product components that captivate with their aesthetics on the one hand and their associated interactivity on the other.

With its dynamic, timeless and high-performance features and minimalist concept, ALPHA’s design reflects the performance of the machine.

An impressive light show for added value

Wheel guiding tubes with RGB effect lighting

Individually adjustable running light functions, bridge time animations and lighting effects that correspond to the progress of the wash programme attract the full attention of the wash customer. They therefore also function as an attractive form of advertising that distinctly sets the wash system apart from the competition. These illuminated wheel guiding tubes also have a guiding function, since they accurately direct the driver into the wash system and make it easier for them to drive in at the correct angle.

PREMIUM lateral splash protection

Premium lateral splash protection is made of sturdy plastic and keeps the walls of your hall clean. Cleaning is quick and easy thanks to the smooth surface.


The LED lighting inside the BLADE case displays colours matching our Christ colour palette. Modern RGB animations are displayed via the VISUS lateral displays. Important operation elements or programme sequences are shown here during the wash.


The LED lighting inside the BLADE housing displays modern RGB animations to capture your customers’ attention. Important operation elements or notices are shown here during the wash.


As a car wash operator, you want to ensure that your customers enjoy an excellent washing experience and leave with their vehicles in perfect condition. PROTECT SHINE Xpress is a polish program that helps you meet this goal and satisfy your customers.

By applying PROTECT SHINE Xpress to your customers’ vehicles, the car paint is treated with a deep cleansing treatment and achieves a maximum shine. This creates an impressive appearance for the vehicle and increases customer satisfaction. Additionally, the polish program provides a long-lasting protective coating that shields the paint from environmental factors such as UV radiation, dirt, and dust. This ensures that the car paint remains protected and looks like new for a long time.

PROTECT SHINE Xpress is easy and quick to apply, which saves time and costs while ensuring optimal car paint care. With this polish program, you can be sure that your customers receive a high-quality car wash, which sets your business apart from the competition.

Moreover, PROTECT SHINE Xpress is suitable for all vehicles, making it accessible to all customers. By providing a high-quality polish program, you also increase the resale value of your customers’ vehicles and generate additional revenue.

Overall, PROTECT SHINE Xpress offers a range of benefits for car wash operators, including increased customer satisfaction, optimal car paint care, time and cost savings, and a way to increase revenue.

Power from all sides

High-pressure pre-wash

Roof: High-pressure pre-wash with either eight rigid, contour-following nozzles or four or eight oscillating nozzles in the head of the portal.

Sides: High-pressure Vitesse with five oscillating nozzles.

Faster. Quieter. More powerful.

Optimised drying

The new flow-optimised drying system with a wider XL horizontal blower. The SILENT blower concept works 15% more efficiently and is noticeably quieter than its predecessors.

The adapted drying height of the lateral blower was specially designed for light commercial vehicles and SUVs.

The horizontal blower has an extended swivel range of up to 2 x 60°.


Intelligent wheel washing system

This intelligent wheel washing system is the answer to the increasingly diverse range of wheel and rim sizes. It detects the wheel position and diameter by way of a sensor system and selects the appropriate wheel wash programme automatically.


  • Optimum wheel wash result for all wheel sizes
  • 4D technology with 3 working axes and mobility
  • Continuation of tried-and-tested wheel washing system
  • Stroke extension available as an option