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About GoWash Australia

Go-Wash Pty Ltd is based in Sydney NSW, Australia with branches in Brisbane, Melbourne, and also servicing Adelaide, Perth.

Go-Wash is a nation-wide distributor of reputable brands such Istobal and can provide onsite installation and ongoing service and support for the life of the equipment.

If your looking to upgrade your existing car washing equipment, or thinking about starting a new business, contact us now for an obligation free quote or to find out more about our extensive range of options and solutions.

The new CHRIST DNA. Dynamic. Timeless. Reduced.

The Wash World’s New Experience

At Go Wash we believe our new range of Commercial Auto Washing Equipment will exceed all your expectations.

From the elegant, modular designs of our Rollover and Tunnel Washes, along with all the latest and greatest in features now available in our Jetwash series sets a new trend. The most brilliant generation has arrived.

This new generation of washing equipment stands out in so many ways: looks, mechanics, flexibility, and versatility. It has been created to satisfy the needs of the most demanding professionals in the wash world. What’s more, this new series has a special quality which makes it different to anything you have ever known before: its adaptability.

With its stylish modern design, which combines the latest technology and maximum reliability in the wash.

Water Savings

At Go Wash we believe water is our most precious resource. We believe in ‘sustainable use’ and our engineers are at the forefront of water recycling technology developing solutions for every need.

Our car wash systems are equipped with environmentally safe water recycling systems designed for harsh Australian conditions. All systems are modularised and can be build and designed to cater for individual needs and requirements.

Thinking about setting up a car washing business?

From suds to service – A few things to consider!

Please note: Go-Wash do not provide all of the services referenced below, but have listed in order to help customers who are just starting out.

Seeking sound financial advise from a licensed finance planner:

This may seem like an obvious first step, but there are many people that underestimate the initial start up costs. Be financially realistic about what’s involved and then enjoy a wonderful road of soapsuds and clean profits.

Are you considering a hand washing set-up or using Automatic Car Wash machines?

Whilst the manual service of a hand wash can attract a triple payment for the promise of interior/exterior detailing, it is labour intensive that comes with its own minimum wage for employees that need to be factored in. An automatic machine service has obviously much larger set up costs, but in most cases the car wash can run itself without this overhead.

Anticipate your daily wash volume:

Self-service wash bays typically wash 6 – 8 cars per hour at capacity. Touch free rollovers wash 8 – 12 vehicles per hour. Brush machines are slightly quicker, typically washing 10 – 16 cars per hour. Tunnel car washes can wash anywhere from 30 cars per hour up to over 100 cars per hour for a 30m tunnel system.

Location of Car Wash:

This is equal part Science & Gamble. Some aspects to be aware of include: Low residential/part commercial area, High traffic flow main road access, good signage and visibility, locations near schools and community areas.

Are you buying an existing car wash business?

Factors to consider include the current state of the existing equipment; the re-branding costs of any signage required, and of course the location.

Building a new site from scratch:

You need to be mindful about realistic timelines especially when dealing with your local council. They take time! Employing a town planner that knows your local council and has experience in car wash planning is one of the most important aspects of the process to get correct. Things such as connecting the plumbing and wiring often come as an external expense. Be sure to have this cost bundled in with the construction quote.

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