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Self-service wash system

Your self-service cleaning system from Christ Wash Systems


Invest in clean cars

Vehicle washing in the self-service wash bay is all the rage

  • More attractive wash programmes
  • Improved cleaning performance
  • Appealing look and brightness in the wash box
  • Operating and payment convenience
  • Professional equipment for vehicle interior cleaning


High-quality steel construction with unique design

  • Modern industry design with wing geometry
  • Light and transparency for a good wash feeling
  • Spacious work area with a wash box width of 5,100 mm and a passage height of 3,100 mm at the exit side
  • Bay partition walls: available in different versions
  • Optional: HORIZON and WASH VEGAS LED lighting systems

Innovative technology is more attractive, more effective and achieves higher returns

Lower operating costs, higher profits

  • Additional turnover of up to 30 % thanks to wash bay innovations such as the BUBBLEGUN programmes, underbody wash lance in the open sky wash bay, compressed air guns and mat cleaners.
  • Savings of up to 30 % on oil and gas consumption thanks to modern calorific value heating technology and BUBBLEGUN programmes that do not require hot water.
  • Standard: frequency converter (FC) for the HP supply units. Potential electricity savings of up to 70 % due to photovoltaic modules (use of own electricity).
  • Savings on fresh water of up to 70 % (and proportional sewage charges) thanks to the low-pressure supply of the BUBBLEGUN and pressure reduction (FC) for the ‘Stain-free gloss rinsing’ programme.

Potential savings of up to 70 % on washing chemicals for BUBBLEGUN and regeneration salt for the softening installation. We recommend the BUBBLEGUN chemical range from Christ CAR CARE.


HORIZON LED roof edging

  • Attractive lighting options for the SKYWING steel construction
  • Improved perception at dusk and during the winter months
  • Adjustable lighting optics at the desired time (6 colours to choose from)
  • Energy saving LED lighting technology