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Technology and innovations

Self-service wash system

Your self-service car wash from Christ Wash Systems

Technology and innovations

Innovative technology is more attractive, more effective and achieves higher returns

Lower operating costs, higher profits


Additional turnover of up to 30 % thanks to wash bay innovations such as the BUBBLEGUN programmes, underbody wash lance in the open sky wash bay, compressed air guns and mat cleaners.

Oil and gas consumption

Savings of up to 30 % on oil and gas consumption thanks to modern calorific value heating technology and BUBBLEGUN programmes that do not require hot water.

Power consumption

Standard: frequency converter (FC) for the HP supply units. Potential electricity savings of up to 70 % due to photovoltaic modules (use of own electricity).

Fresh water consumption

Savings on fresh water of up to 70 % (and proportional sewage charges) thanks to the low-pressure supply of the BUBBLEGUN and pressure reduction (FC) for the ‘Stain-free gloss rinsing’ programme.

Wash chemicals consumption

Potential savings of up to 70 % on washing chemicals for BUBBLEGUN and regeneration salt for the softening installation. We recommend the BUBBLEGUN chemical range from Christ CAR CARE.

Effect lighting WASH VEGAS

For a maximum show effect

  • Optional RGB LED lighting system for SKYLINE and SKYWING
  • For increasing the outside perception of the self service wash system :
    lighting animation as idle mode (show effect)
  • For increased user convenience: signalling of the wash tool to be used after activating a programme
  • Adjustable lighting options at the desired time
  • For SKYLINE: integrated into the outer cladding for pillar
  • For SKYWING: pre-mounted into profile rails and put on the outer constructional steel pillars


The foam experience for more profit

  • Excellent foam formation for maximum customer retention
  • One BUBBLEGUN for max. 3 additional programmes
  • Perfect handling thanks to its low weight and ergonomic design
  • Quick chemical switching times between foam programmes
  • More profit thanks to innovative technology
  • up to 75 % less fresh water use
  • up to 75 % less chemical use
  • up to 75 % less energy use
  • up to 20 % more turnover


Automatic pay station

  • Innovative self-service automatic pay station for use at self-service wash systems, roll over wash units or wash centres (self-service wash systems with roll over wash unit and / or wash tunnel)
  • Operation via modern, waterproof 10.1’ touch screen
  • The customer-friendly interface enables simple operation and easy payment
  • Different payment methods, such as cash, barcodes, transponder cards, debit / credit cards or NFC can be purchased as an option according to customer wishes and can be installed into the vending machines.
  • High customer retention when equipped with transponder card reader (credit customer cards)


Equipment options:


  • Wall installation frame
  • Coin tester
  • Banknote reader
  • Coin hopper (3 pieces max.)
  • Barcode scanner
  • EC card terminal and NFC
  • Transponder card reader (customer cards)
  • Card dispenser ( customer cards)
  • Ticket printer
  • Connection accessory for Christ roll over wash unit