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Let there be light!

The new generation of wash systems

Tackles any challenge without compromising on quality

Our new VEGA system is designed to meet the highest possible requirements set by customers looking for a premium car wash service. The specific requirements you have in relation to car wash centres and petrol stations were at the forefront of our minds during the development process. VEGA will add value to your business with its dynamic, state-of-the-art, timeless design and will prove to be a real draw for customers.

Lower emissions? Maximum performance?
VEGA has both covered!

VEGA produces the lowest possible noise emissions while maintaining a high throughput performance. This low-emission, high-performance design noticeably reduces waiting times for your customers and gives them a truly impressive wash experience at a reduced level of emissions.

Versatile. Adaptable. Scalable.

The modular principle allows you to adapt the equipment to your specific site requirements. Low consumption levels and reduced maintenance costs allow you to maximise your revenue.

An absolute winner among wash systems

Thanks to VEGA and its unique selling points within the premium segment, you will be in a position to assert yourself among your competitors and maintain high wash counts.

Car washing has never looked so good!

BLADE as a design feature

With the new design DNA, Christ Wash Systems has introduced a visual feature that is instantly recognisable across its products. The BLADEs, as they are known, are essential product components that captivate with their aesthetics on the one hand and their associated interactivity on the other.

With its dynamic, timeless and high-performance features and minimalist concept, VEGA’s design reflects the performance of the machine.

An impressive light show for added value

RGB effect lighting

An impressive light show for added value


WASH VEGA XL is a two-line RGB moving programme display, which is installed in the cross member of the VEGA wash system. The bridge time and wash programme steps are fully animated, displaying information text alongside matching graphic animations.


The LED lighting inside the BLADE housing displays modern RGB animations to capture your customers’ attention. Important operation elements or notices are shown here during the wash.

Wheel guiding tubes with RGB

Individually adjustable running light functions, bridge time animations and lighting effects that correspond to the progress of the wash programme attract the full attention of the wash customer. They therefore also function as an attractive form of advertising that distinctly sets the wash system apart from the competition. These illuminated wheel guiding tubes also have a guiding function, since they accurately direct the driver into the wash system and make it easier for them to drive in at the correct angle.

Elegance and ease of movement

High-tech appearance thanks to the specialty of ALUNOX

The front and rear are made of high-quality ALUNOX aluminium. Thanks to its elegant and subdued appearance, ALUNOX makes for an appealing and attractive machine design.

The advantages of ALUNOX over stainless steel and conventional aluminium include: – No fingerprint marks left on the surface – Maximum corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance via anodisation – Easy to clean with normal household products – Considerable reduction in weight

Standard side panels for narrow halls.

Premium side panels complement the modern machine design. Recommended for outdoor installation. Hard-wearing and easy to clean.

Premium lateral splash protection made of sturdy plastic for clean hall walls. Easy to clean thanks to smooth surfaces

Design meets efficiency

Maximum wash capacity

VEGA allows 45% higher wash counts compared to standard wash systems.

This is made possible by a multitude of interacting innovative features from Christ, which facilitate a smooth wash course and multitasking.

The lifting drives of the horizontal brush and horizontal blowers have been noticeably accelerated in comparison to conventional wash systems. Thanks to the fly-in drying concept, the drying process starts effectively and with no interruptions.

The PROTECT SHINE XPress special wax function and the excellent workflow of Vitesse wash programmes perfectly round off the quickest of wash times.

Top features

The finest technology

PROTECT SHINE Xpress — the special wax with repair effect

PROTECT SHINE is the premium special wax from Christ CAR CARE. The combination of effective long-term preservation, repair effect and unique diamond gloss for the vehicle paint in a single product makes for a unique selling point on the market. The effictiveness of PROTECT SHINE increases with each application.

Horizontal splash protection

The horizontal splash protection offers additional protection against spray water and improves drying results considerably thanks to its smart design.

Door system — closed panel

The door system fits perfectly into the visual concept of the machine design and ensures ease of access for adjusting the wash system technology and the associated chemistry of the wash systems.

Vitesse Power


Impressive wash results

The full Vitesse Power makes for a truly unique wash result. Vitesse combines the usual washing with brushes and wheels with an active foam and oscillating lateral high pressure, ensuring up to 20% shorter programme execution times and more turnover/revenue for your car wash business

– Option for servicing SUVs and light commercial vehicles also available –


Smarter wheel wash device

Intelligent wheel wash system

Our answer to the increasingly diverse range of wheel and rim sizes goes by the name of WHEEL MASTER 2.0.

The intelligent wheel wash system detects the position and diameter of the wheel by way of a sensor system and selects the appropriate wheel wash programme automatically.


  • Optimum wheel wash result for all wheel sizes
  • 4D technology with 3 working axes and mobility
  • Continuation of tried-and-tested wheel wash system
  • Stroke extension available as an option


For a spotless clean

The MAXI FLEX+ ensures a clean wash result in the rear area. No matter whether it’s a notchback, a fastback or a hatchback, the vehicle is optimally and thoroughly cleaned without any wash shadow.

Due to the maximum oblique position of the side car wash brushes of up to 25°, the MAXI FLEX+ is suitable for all common vehicle shapes and easily pairs up with any rear shape.

Wash system brush with jointed side brushes

Optimum vehicle contour capture

Thanks to the “kink” in the brush that is an exclusive feature from Christ, the wash brush gently falls onto the vehicle body without applying a high amount of pressure to the paint.

The low, uniform contact pressure thus ensures paint-friendly and simultaneously efficient cleaning of the highest standard.

High-pressure pre-wash

Power from all sides

Roof: High-pressure pre-wash with either eight rigid, contour-following nozzles or four or eight oscillating nozzles in the head of the gantry.

Sides: High-pressure Vitesse integrated in the BLADE with four, eight or sixteen oscillating nozzles (VAN option)

Optimised drying

Faster. Quieter. More powerful.

The new flow-optimised drying system with a wider XL horizontal blower. The SILENT blower concept works 15% more efficiently and is noticeably quieter than its predecessors.

The adapted drying height of the lateral blower was specially designed for light commercial vehicles and SUVs.

Optional TURBO DRY:More turbo and three energy-efficient performance levels with the same programme execution time.


LED foam curtain

More is always better!

The FOAM SPLASH is applied quickly across the entire width of the vehicle and is illuminated from the rear by an LED lighting console. A drip tray prevents subsequent dripping and ensures sparkling drying results.