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A touch of sparkle!

The new generation of wash systems

The powerful partner when it comes to car washing

Our CADIS models are powerful, next-generation roll over wash units. Thanks to three design lines and a comprehensive range of equipment options, you can choose a solution tailor-made for your site.

Specially designed to meet the specific car wash requirements

Our CADIS models have been specially designed to meet the specific requirements of petrol stations and wash centres, while the basic equipment version can also be used for maintenance operations.

Impressed by design and washing experience

Your customers will love the impressive washing experience and the modern, timeless design. CADIS produces the lowest possible noise emission while maintaining a high throughput performance. (Low emission, high performance).

Smart and compact with full wash performance

Whether it’s washing an SUV or a small car, the compact outer dimensions and large wash width of CADIS ensure a comprehensive performance. We guarantee you low costs with maximum revenue and reliability.

The new CHRIST DNA. Dynamic. Timeless. Reduced.

PREMIUM look starting from the basic equipped version

CADIS with design line STRIPE

The design line STRIPE of the CADIS Wash System offers an attractive design, starting from the basic equipped version.

The dynamic allows the STRIPEs to be given an individual colour selection. The design of the pictograms and positioning lights can be adapted to your needs.

Right or left? 5, 6 or 8 pictograms? It is your choice!

Brand recognition

BLADE design line

The BLADE design line of the CADIS wash system is the brand characteristic of Christ wash systems with a high recognition value.

Positioning the vehicle is foolproof thanks to the two-sided VISUS color display.


A first-class eye-catcher

Let there be light!

The illuminated BLADE presents itself as a preferred style element and ensures the best visibility of your wash system.

Together with the illuminated RGB wheel guiding tubes, the CADIS wash system achieves maximum customer attention.

The RGB show effects can be individually adapted in colour to your taste and to the corresponding environment.

Design meets efficiency

Maximum wash capacity

CADIS allows 45% higher wash counts compared to standard wash systems.

This is made possible by a multitude of interacting innovative features from Christ, which facilitate a smooth wash course and multitasking.

The lifting drives of the horizontal brush and horizontal blowers have been noticeably accelerated in comparison to conventional wash systems. Thanks to the fly-in drying concept, the drying process starts effectively and with no interruptions.

The PROTECT SHINE XPress special wax function and the excellent workflow of Vitesse wash programmes perfectly round off the quickest of wash times.

Top features

The finest technology

Sleek rear cladding in PREMIUM quality

The rear is made of high quality material. Thanks to its elegant and subdued appearance, it makes for an appealing and attractive machine design.

Perfect for a quick car wash

CADIS is equipped with an optimal extension for the programme sequence: The forward cycle focuses on washing the vehicle and the backward cycle is responsible for drying

Flatters the contours of your vehicle

Thanks to the excellent OPTIFLEX wash brush from Christ, the CADIS wash system is equipped for gentle vehicle washing with optimal contour scanning.


Textile lateral splash protection

Standard lateral splash protection made of textile for clean and dry hall walls


Plastic lateral splash protection

Premium lateral splash protection made of sturdy plastic for clean hall walls. Cleaning is very easy thanks to the smooth surface.

Vitesse power


Impressive wash results

The full Vitesse Power makes for a truly unique wash result. Vitesse combines the usual washing with brushes and wheels with an active foam and oscillating lateral high pressure, ensuring up to 20% shorter programme execution times and more turnover/revenue for your car wash business

High-pressure pre-wash

Power from all sides

Wheel high-pressure pre-wash optionally with 2 or 4 rotating nozzles.

Lateral high-pressure with 4 or 6 rotating nozzles.

The contour-following horizontal high-pressure is available as an option.

Optimised drying

Faster. Quieter. More powerful.

The new flow-optimised drying system with a wider XL horizontal blower. The SILENT blower concept works 15% more efficiently and is noticeably quieter than its predecessors.

The adapted drying height of the lateral blower was specially designed for light commercial vehicles and SUVs.

Optional TURBO DRY:The FLY-In drying with swiveling rear area by up to 40°