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Auto Dealership

Customer retention is directly related to sales in your dealership. Providing fast, reliable and immaculate car wash services gives you the opportunity to showcase your quality vehicle range and slash your car wash expenses.

Imagine being able to wash and dry every service customer vehicle, keeping inventory clean, washing every trade-in before an appraisal, increasing the number of daily washes and cutting labour cost. We have transformed countless dealerships into a trouble-free lucrative car wash centre.

Join us

Innovative dealerships are already reaping the benefits of our exclusive Pay Per Wash plan and saving big on their car wash operation. There are over 100+ vehicle dealerships across Australia, who choose our automated systems to wash all of their cars on display.

The Pay Per Wash Plan is simple. For every car washed through one of our state-of-the-art automatic machines, you pay a 1.31*. This covers your preventative maintenance, any necessary service call-outs and all your spare parts and chemicals needed! You’ll gain peace-of-mind knowing exactly what you get and what it’s costing you per month.