Delivering a Superior Wash Performance

Self Servce Car Washing Equipment Range

Njoywash Premium Jet Washing Equipment

Premium Jet Washes are more versatile & innovative

The four standard programs supplied (wash, rinse, super wax, and super rinse), can be optionally expanded to include any of the multiple programs available: active foam with brush, chemical spray, ColorFusion foam, Master foam... and all those yet to come!

The PREMIUM wash adapts to the specific needs of every customer; the largest amount of programs available on the market means satisfaction is guaranteed.

The most complete in it's category

N’JOYWASH offers you the PREMIUM series - jet washes with greater possibilities and top performance.

Up to 8 bays which can adapt to suit all needs. The PREMIUM series comprises multi-bay units which can be installed in a plant room, container, or the new “Modulbox” cabinets.

Units which comprise all the latest technological innovations, such as the new water pumps which work at both high and low pressure, making for great savings on water consumption and chemical products.

New Features

• Units designed to store up to 8 wash programs

• The most innovative programs to satisfy all your customers

• Water pumps capable of working at high and low pressure

• New payment terminals with piezoelectric buttons

• The widest range of boilers available (electric, gas, or diesel oil)

• New scale preventer system for boilers- Water treatment units to meet all needs

Colour Fusion - Spectacular in all Sense

Stand out from your competitors with COLORFUSION, one of the great new features of N´JOYWASH. This is a special active foam comprising three basic colours which, when applied, offer a whole rainbow of striking colour tones, all accompanied by a pleasant scent. It makes the vehicle wash a spectacular, sight.

COLORFUSION is not just a sensory revolution, it is also highly effective. Due to its special formulation, the foam stays longer on the surface of the vehicle, loosening even the most ground-on dirt, and making a clearly visible difference to the finish.

Master Foam - a Lesson in Cleaning

For all those who really enjoy the wash process, and who only want the best for their vehicle, N’JOYWASH can also offer the new Master Foam program.

A white, high density foam with a refreshing clean smell, which is a pleasure to apply. This new foam adheres to the surface of the vehicle longer, acting all the time to loosen the dirt, which can then be removed with greater ease.

Highly effective chassis care and shine for those who seek the best possible treatment.


New Payment Terminals - Total Resistance

The new payment terminals that come with N´JOYWASH offer many advantages both in terms of how they work and how they look.

They are completely watertight to keep the moisture typical of a wash facility away from the electronics.

In addition, the button plate is designed to withstand even the most extreme of conditions. The design of these new terminals means that they stand out not only for their looks but because they are easier to use. The front panel can light up and the cover colour is customisable. The display and buttons are a generous size for the comfort of the user.


Module Box

MODULBOX is a new concept in modular cabinets designed to solve all the space and organisation problems on a wash facility.

MODULBOX has been conceived to adapt to the space available making access to the units and maintenance easy. It is the ideal solution for narrow plant rooms where a container cannot be installed.

Just the right amout of space...


Features include:

Basic MODULBOX cabinet 1x1 m, expandable with modules to up to 4x1 m

Installation of units to service up to 3 bays, including all water pre-treatments, in a single cabinet.

Stainless or galvanised steel finish, painted to your specifications

Door surfaces completely flat and smooth, making them ideal for use as advertising boards

Optional electrical and water pre-installation