Delivering a Superior Wash Performance

Self Serve Car Washing Equipment Range

Njoywash Jet Washing Features

ISTOBAL proudly presents N´JOYWASH, a new generation of the most advanced jet washes on the market. A new concept in jet washes designed to satisfy your customers and maximise your profits ... and now also based on the fun aspect of vehicle care.

N´JOYWASH is a real vehicle SPA!

ISTOBAL has sought perfection in every last detail by designing N´JOYWASH, a unique range of jet washes. More efficient and more innovative, it combines state-of-the-art technology with more attractive designs. Jet washes which adapt to the specific needs of each customer, guaranteeing an impeccable finish in the most comfortable and efficient way.

Efficiency = Customer Loyalty = Higher Earnings

N´JOYWASH gives the user a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and a wash which is effective enough to satisfy even the most demanding customers. An experience your customers will be longing to repeat whenever they need to wash their vehicle. This ability of N´JOYWASH to satisfy will mean sustained growth for your company´s profits.

New Technology = Reduced Costs = Higher Earnings

The leading edge technology used on N´JOYWASH guarantees maximum efficiency in the wash of all types of vehicle as well as a significant reduction in the consumption of chemical products, and thus an increase in the profitability of your jet wash.

Less Maintenance = Lower Running Costs = Higher Earnings

The new N´JOYWASH concept for jet washes means maintenance is easier, quicker, and only required occasionally, which means major savings on the running costs of the facility. This in turn means better profitability for your business.

Istobal Equipment = Maximum Guarantee = Higher Earnings

Added to this, you are safe in the knowledge that with N´JOYWASH you have all the logistical, technical and commercial support of a solid company like ISTOBAL behind you at all times. A world leader in the wash sector, guaranteeing a major boost to your business.

Water Savings

Our car wash systems are equipped with environmentally safe water recycling systems designed for the harsh Australian conditions. All systems are modularised to cater for individual needs.